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Welcome to Eco-Rug Pads – the worlds most eco-friendly rug pads. The majority of non-slip rug pads available on the market are manufactured overseas using pvc or other chemically rich vinyl materials. These pads will perform well on certain floor finishes, however they tend to outgas hence the aweful plastic smell. Rug pads that outgas heavily have 2 very overlook consequences. Outgassing will release toxic vocs into the air, an issue that has only been addressed in recent years. The the USA alone, indoor air is approximately 5x more polluted than outdoor air. This is entirely attributed to the products we use in our home. Another issue with rug pads that outgass is they will react with your floor finish. The chemicals used in pvc and vinyl padding can react with your floor finishes, causing staining and marring. This is why you hear so many horror stories about rug pads damaging or discoloring hardwood finishes over time. By the time the damage has done, you have no idea where you bought your rug pad without any recollection of a warranty.


We personally treat each rug pad as if it were going into our home. We pride ourselves on offering superior products & excellent customer service. We have a loyal customer base and depend on word to mouth in order to grow with no big marketing budget. A family owned & operated business specializing in only the finest & most eco-friendly rug pads available on the market. For larger area rugs, we offer wool rug pads & felt rug pads. Wool rug pads offer comfort and floor protection for larger rugs less prone to slipping. They’re safe for all floors and have been shown to actually improve indoor air content by absorbing VOC emmissions. Our 100% felt rug pad is a cost efficient alternative to wool. Similar to wool pads, they offer better floor protection, cushioning, and support over traditional non slip rug pads. For smaller rugs, we have two eco-friendly rug pad alternatives that perform just as well as their eco-friendly properties. Natures grip is a jute & rubber rug pad, the most eco-friendly non-slip rug pad on the market. We also have a cushioned felt and rubber rug pad, which utilizes a rubber backing. Rubber will last longer and far more eco-friendly than sprayed on latex alternatives. If you have any questions about our pads, please don’t hesitate to call us (866) 471-2661.